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Of Course The Rep Will Recommend The Right Computer, Not What Management is Pushing This Week.

And Swine Are Aerodynamic, Too.

Stop Wasting Time Fighting System Problems

Business computer systems, those used to help generate revenue, have to function well. Time wasted dealing with broken hardware or failing software is time robbed. We offer services to minimize, hopefully eliminate, computer downtime so you can spend more time making money.

Get it Right the First Time

You probably know someone who has gone to Best Buy® or a similar store and purchased a system (computer, monitor, printer, etc.) for a business. Did the system function well? Was the system reliable? As time passed, did problems increase? After a year, was the overall experience negative or positive?

Oh, and how many $50 ink cartridges did that free printer require the first year? ;-}

In the market for a new business computer? Want to upgrade an existing one instead? We can handle all the details from purchase through installation and turn up to minimize cost—and future problems too.

Keep Things Running Smoothly With Regular Maintenance

Contrary to common belief, computers need regular attention. Systems need regular tune-ups. Data must be backed up. Software must be patched. Even things trivial things like vacuuming out the case are needed to prevent unexpected failure.

We collected a number of monthly on-site maintenance services into a single package with one low rate. This includes disaster planning and recovery services, such as insuring it's possible to rebuild a system and performing regular backups. Plus we are glad to install new hardware on regular visits at no additional charge—something our competitors charge an extra $50-100 per item.

Vent Your Frustrations On Us!

The best feature of our monthly maintenance package? Free, unlimited telephone support for one person. In a jam and need some help? Just curious about why something works the way it does? About ready to drop kick this thing out the window? Help is just a phone call away!

Low Rates That Save You Hours

For further information or a quote on these services, call or send us email today!

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